Kirk Contracts Newtownards
At Kirk Contracts Builders Newtownards | Newtownards Builders we have the experience to design and construct a house to your exact requirements – from conception to completion.

Building your own house is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not to be missed. We will provide all the support and experience every step of the journey. Whatever style you decide on, we can specify the materials for the interior and exterior finishes.

New builds are an area of increasing expertise for Kirk Contracts Builders Newtownards | Newtownards Builders. Demand for new housing has never been so high, however we have remained focused on the best possible build standards in small, quality developments. The expertise and breadth of experience in our company and team has ultimately led us towards complete new build houses; and also carry out new builds for commercial and residential clients.

We at Kirk Contracts Builders Newtownards | Newtownards Builders can carry out every stage of a new build – from initial consultations, to arranging designs and drawings then groundworks, utilities and all the trades that go into the structure itself, all expertly managed by career experienced foremen and our own highly hands-on owner!

For more information on our services or to arrange a FREE visit from one of our experts please call us on 078 8032 5694 or email us at

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